WELSSA Accreditation

  WELSSA Accreditation  
    What is it? 
  • WELSSA Accreditation is a voluntary self-study process based on a checklist provided by the synod’s Commission on Lutheran Schools (CLS).  It provides churches and schools with an objective way to appreciate their God-given strengths and evaluate areas for improvement. 

    Why are we doing it?
  • We recognize the blessings God has given to St. Paul’s through its school.  We also recognize that good stewardship requires us to assess and address areas where we can grow in grace and wisdom.  Using the accreditation materials produced by the synod gives us a set of guidelines by which we can measure our progress.

    What have we been doing?
  • The voters of St. Paul’s passed a resolution in 2015 establishing a four-year plan that would lead to full accreditation.  Before formally applying for WELSSA accreditation, the voters wanted to begin preliminary work on the accreditation standards so that the actual process could move smoothly when it officially begins.  To manage the various subcommittees necessary to complete this work, a steering committee was formed according to the guidelines given by CLS.

    What are we doing right now?
  • The site visit team is scheduled for the week of February 17.  There will be a potluck that Sunday evening for anyone who would like to meet with the team before they begin their assessments.

    How can I help?
  • First, continue to pray for the success of the church and school as it carries out its primary mission of sharing God’s Word.  

    Second, continue to participate in church and school activities including church services and Bible studies - your time, talents, and treasures are all gifts you can give in thanks to our risen and victorious Savior.  A firm grounding in Scripture will also be of utmost importance in assisting the Scriptural mission of the school.  

    Third, seek out the subcommittee leaders and the members of the steering committee.  Talk to them about what they're doing, provide encouragement, and ask what you can do to help.  We walk together in this process as a united body of Christ.

    Where do I go with the rest of my questions?
  • As a part of the call to serve the people of St. Paul’s, Mr. Springer is leading the accreditation process.  Time will gladly be made to speak in person with anyone who wishes to do so.  Questions can also be answered by email or phone.

    For further reading...
  • A list of all mandatory standard items that must be met in order to receive accreditation can be found here.

    A copy of the original resolution, with observations and updates, can be found here.